Executive Producer (Lifestyle), Digital News

South West, Singapore · Editorial · 270318/R6/N-JOU-PRDUCR/Editorial/JM


Responsible for multi-platform video content that succeeds on air and on digital platforms including social media. The right candidate is a driven, organised leader who can articulate a vision for the video content and lead a tight unit. The Executive Producer has oversight of all concepts, scripts and storyboards, while being deeply involved in every aspect of video production. This is not a middle-management job of simply delegating work – it is a unique opportunity to combine editorial gumption with creative vision and oversee all video projects, including motion graphic videos, animation, news features, documentary-style films, creative short films and long-form television programmes. The role requires a strong sense of experimentation, adventure and playfulness. The ability to thrive under pressure, manage intense deadlines and collaborate well with others is essential.


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